News For 13 Nov 2013

OK, so its been a while. I admit it. But the project still compiles under Fedora 17.
I have been looking at some other projects lately though. I have been working on a cpu design
of my own, and have been getting the pc simulator working under Fedora 17 too. I am also messing about
with a logic simulator. Maybe I have ADHD and thats why i can't seem to get one of these things done ?!

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News For 27 May 2012

So, we've been on the new server for a while now. It seems to be working fine.
We're working on adding collision detection. Also working on a separate project.
A pc simulator inspired by things like bochs.

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News For 12 Jun 2010

Moving to new server hardware today. The old servers id OLD :)

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News For 09 Jan 2010

This is a new news entry for today.

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News For 21 Aug 2009

OK. We're not dead yet :) (REALLY!) There has been a even more activity on the home front. The project is still alive, and I am trying to get it going again. However it does still compile and run on Fedora 11. I fixed the problem about missing GLX support. (Always check to remove unused paths from the LD_LIBRARY_PATH) Also had an -rpath option set in the compile. So now it compiles on both nvidia and ati machines, and it does run under BOTH! Also restarted the modeler app as a full fleged Gnome GTKMM app with GTKGLEXT extensions.

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Open Letter To President Elect Obama

10 December 2008

President Elect Barak Obama,

Dear Sir,

I watched your progress throughout the last almost two years with great interest, and I can tell you that I am very pleased that you have been chosen by our fellow citizens to lead our country. As a former member of the US Navy, and as a white middle aged man, I can tell you that the occupant of the office of the presidency has always had my full hearted support. The change that your election marks though, has left me excited and hopeful for the future in a way that I haven't felt before.

If I can take a moment of your valuable time I would like to mention one or two things for you to consider as you start your work. If we look at the world around us we see conflict and division. This is obvious, but I think what may not be obvious is that the conflict and division cost us as a nation, and as a world society far more than we realize. I believe that the disunity that currently plagues the body of mankind is possibly the greatest problem we face.

Just in terms of economic potential lost alone the cost is huge. We spend vast amounts of money on defense, (as a world society), when many of the problems that make us think we need defense could be solved by fractions of the amount of money we spend on defense. But the greater cost of disunity is the fracturing of the human community and the damage to our spiritual health. I know that some may think using terms such as these an exercise in "touchy feely" emotionalism, but I believe that we are fundamentally spiritual beings, and that we are all the children of One God, known by many names maybe, but One God.

It is my firm belief that if we can help people to come to understand that we are all part of the same human family, and that we are connected in obvious, and also and subtle ways, that we will be able to handle the technical challenges that face us, be they economic, international, local, environmental and so on.

My belief is that we are here to learn the things God wants us to learn, love, service, tolerance, justice, and so on, and that we learn these things by practicing on each other. We learn love by loving each other, even when we may not be very lovable. We learn patience, even when we are frustrating to each other. We learn justice by learning to see with our own eyes and not with our neighbors eyes.

So if there is one recommendation I can make to you, it is this: promote the unity of all human kind. Help us all by the force of your example to see that we are more connected than some may realize. The freed up energy, spiritual, human, economic, and the freed up resources, will be vast, and more than sufficient to the technical needs of our day.

With Very Great Respect,

Eric J Krejci

News For 21 Aug 2008

OK. We're not dead yet :) There has been a lot of activity on the home front. The project is still alive, but sort of on back burner for now. However it does still compile and run on Fedora 9. However the nvidia drivers seem to leave out GLX support. So while it compiles on both nvidia and ati machines, it does run under ati but the client piece doesn't run under nvidia drivers.

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News For 20 Sep 2006

Got assembler for script engine working. It assembles and runs its own code. Got freetype font rendering working for client, (that was broken by FC5). Got rpm packaging working for source and binary rpms. (RPM is NOT easy to package for!) Just about ready to start back on the main world data structure upgrade. Also figured out what my problem was with the threading. I was having one thread use up all the time. By adding pthread_yield at certain spots it started working as before.

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News For 09 May 2006

Added script engine to code base. Redoing the world data structure to allow for fast searches. Client were sending messages to each other for a while but that is broke as of right now. Also writing a script assembler. The script language is a kind of assembly. The script engine is extensible easily by just registering callback functions. This allows the script engine to be built somewhat generically, but still be able to interact with game objects.

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News For 12 Dec 2005

Ok, another code snapshot . . . The client logs in to the master. Still haven't added proper message queuing.

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News For 23 Aug 2005

Well I am posting some pictures of when I fixed the engine on my 89 Blazer. It blew a head gasket last year.
There are also some pictures of the above ground pool I put in. It is a free standing pool.

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News For 09 Jul 2005

Still haven't added individual message queuing, but client now connects again and sends rudimentary messages.
Also added some more models, and model files can have comments in them now.

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News For 03 Mar 2005

Found a error that was causing some weird behavior in the server and corrected it. Now adding individual message queuing
to the server for each cserver in order to keep each message handled in order.

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News For 01 Jan 2005

Re-validated that the server and console can be on different machines. Now working on getting the client
logging in to the master again.

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News For 30 Dec 2004

Made more progress. Getting CPool kinks worked out. Added rudimentary talk capability back.

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News For 22 Dec 2004

Well, we were stumped on a threading problem for a while. But got that figured out, then ran smack
into another problem. The kernel threading seems to misbehave in certain ways. So for now we need to use
setenv LD_ASSUME_KERNEL 2.4.2 to get everything to run. This all started when the new threading came out in 2.6.
Gonna ask the kernel guys about it to see if we're doing something wrong, or how to do this better.

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News For 01 May 2004

Added the Textwindow code back to client. Just about time to add the network code back. Once there then it will be back
to the server to get it logging in to the database again. THEN we can start adding new stuff to the project!

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News For 21 Apr 2004

A lot has happened since this last posting. Many reorgs at work, various and sundry other nonsense :)
The Comm code works, the thread pool in the works, the client (running SDL) starts and runs the ported world engine under Linux.
The text works under the client. Need some people to download the client and try to compile it and run it.
Time to start making images available for download again. Please see the down load page :)

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News For 21 Nov 2003

Well it has been a year long detour moving to Linux and OpenGL. But I think it will be worth it.
The Comm code is almost to a point where we can move to the server thread pool, then back to the client.
(Work has been really busy). The server ha the console back, and mutliple char clients can connect.
So now i just need to finish the disconnect stuff, then back to the funner stuff.

On another note. Yes I know that there are much more mature projects out there doing this very same thing.
One of the more exciting projects is: Planeshift
Problem is: if I join them then I wont get to write all this fun stuff. AND they wont want to do what I want to
do in the game either. AND as this is mainly something FUN for relaxation, I will keep building my own.
But I do wish them well. . .

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News For 16 May 2003

Got the sessions functionality going with the protocol. This hopefully will support play from behind
a NAT or masquerade or other proxy or firewall. Still needs testing and other functionality added.
But i think i can start to look at building up the thread pool code.

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News For 21 Apr 2003

I have been working on a bug with the Solaris port of the layer, but the Linux port is coming along.
The client connects to the server, and passes data. But there are still things to clean up.
Still no source code though. I want to get it a bit more stable first.

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News For 15 Mar 2003

OK I have now gotten my UDP reliability layer to start to work. Once that is a little more stable
I can start on the server itself and then the client. No source code just yet, but soon.
Oh, and yes, this will be a complete Linux implementation, (although the server should compile under Solaris too).

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News For 19 Jan 2003

Hope everyone had a good holiday break.
I have decided to make a change in the server and the client. What brought this on
was a realization that i really dont want to have anything to do with windows software
anymore. I have to use it at work, but i dont have to at home. SO the client will be ported
to Linux. The client was the last thing holding me on Windows up till now, and once i get it ported
i will be free of Bill. The server will also be rewritten to use a UDP protocol, with a thread pool design.
That will solve the connection limit problem that is inherent in the TCP protocol.

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News For 18 Sep 2002

IT WORKS !!!!!
Well, a little better . . .
Now you can see other people who log in AFTER you do :), also did some work
on the modeler. It is close to being marginally useful. IE you can make changes
in models and see them on the screen real time. Next Step: Save the model.
Real Soon Now i think it will be time to publish to freshmeat.

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News For 22 Aug 2002

IT WORKS !!!!!
Well kinda . . .
Cleaned up engine rewrite. Modeler back to where it was. But BEST of all,
if you login in AFTER someone else, you can see them running around on screen.
Now the real work begins. Got to smooth out movement, got to fixit so first
people login see 2nd people who log in. Then comes all the game code :)
Very soon now i think it will be time to publish to freshmeat.

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News For 07 Aug 2002

Well that was a nice little 30 day diversion :)
Rewrite is kinda done. It compiles and renders again. Although submodels are still broken.
At least the client and server are talking again :)

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News For 04 Jul 2002

Well the fun almost started. I realized that the CWorld model sucked even worse
than the comm code (which still has to be merged). SO. Time to rewrite the CWorld
While i fully expect to have to fix it again in the future, at least i will be able
to ADD things to the world at runtime till then :)

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News For 17 Jun 2002

Now the fun starts, time to get little critters running around on screen.
It has been my intent to publish to freshmeat et al when there are little characters
running around on the screen for each player. That part is next. There is A LOT of work to be done
but once i get little characters running around, i will have some thing TO publish.
I fully expect that most or all would get rewritten or thrown away or what ever. Thats ok.
Let the best code win, but i wanted to have something that worked before i published.

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News For 01 May 2002

Its been a while since an update, so . . . .
I have been working mostly on the modeler (which is not a lot (busy with work and all)).
I have also found another cool project that simulates an H8 computer H8. It simulates
an H8 computer. I have toyed with the idea of porting it to Linux. Although i dont have the time
for that at present.

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News For 20 Feb 2002

Started work on a modeler package and am rewritting the comm code.
Also fixed some silly bugs in the server side, and readded private talking back to client.
On another front entirely, i have run across a cool project called Hercules. It simulates
a mainframe system. And quite well too. So well in fact, that one can actually load and run
Linux for S/390 on it, as well as production OS/390 code.

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News For 15 Jan 2002

Client now goes full screen, although i still have to get rid of the ugly GDI dialog.
Also commands are easier to type in client. Added some other support classes, CTimer, CString,
these help with tokenizing and tracking the elapsed time. Also the server now has location

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News For 30 Nov 2001

CModel has been extended. This means that we can now create models composed of sub models
which allows parts to be reused very easily.

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News For 05 Nov 2001

OK, CWorld works. This means that we can now create the world in data files
vice hardcoding it in the client. Work can now proceed on several fronts, vice just one.

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News For 20 Oct 2001

What can one say regarding the events of September 11 ? How can one fully
express the myriad of emotions or questions, or even state them? Suffice it to say
that our prayers go to all who were hurt that day. May God surround the departed
in love, and may He comfort those who have lost. On a personal note: i think i believe
that this is one of those times when, truly, nothing will be quite the same ever again.

News For 05 Sep 2001

We have recently completed the port to DX8 for the client. This provided
a better programming model, and things like music and text on screen. Also added
was more camera control (pitch up & down) as well as the beginings of the object model
on the cient side. As always feel free to try it out, and if anyone wants to contribute
PLEASE just send email or patches ! Just contact WorldII we'll get it.

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WorldII Work Continues.

Much work has been done since last page update. Comm code base has merged,
started adding Direct Input for Camera control, moved to RH 7.1, started work on the
object cache. Details within. The server can now track client characters as they log in.

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The Official Opening of the Mount Carmel Terraces

I was browsing the Official Baha'i Website today and noticed
the following links at the bottom of the page. There is extensive
background material available, and some very nice photos of the completed work.

Pictures... | More Info...

WorldII Work Continues

We have just about finished merging the communications code base.
Now with any luck when we fix a problem it will get fixed everywhere :)

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