This is the next major rev of the code. We are redoing the comm code and the server and client
and will be looking at using blender for the modeler. The package working name is now WorldIII.
We will have a link to the old download page and will start over with the new download page because
things are so much different.

OLD Download Page
We will maintain the recent versions here. The latest will be listed first.
We will also post some selected client and modeler binaries.
Please see notes below on how to test.
Note: WorldIII isnt even pre-alpha yet :)

So here it is:
WorldIII current worldiii.current.tar.bz2 Incl 1.5M This will always refer to the latest code upload. None yet. None Yet.
WorldIII 0.1.5-7 worldiii.2008.04.11.2111.tar.bz2 Incl 1.5M Working on 3D engine enhancements. None yet. None Yet.
WorldIII 0.1.5-6 worldiii.2006.09.20.2201.tar.bz2 Incl 1.5M Script engine added, assembler is starting to work. None yet. None Yet.
WorldIII 0.1.5-3 worldiii.2006.05.09.0707.tar.bz2 Incl 1.5M Script engine added, assembler being added. None yet. None Yet.
WorldIII 0.1.5-2 worldiii.2005.12.11.2000.tar.bz2 Incl 1.5M Client logs in. Messages can be sent. None yet. None Yet.
WorldIII 0.1.5-1 worldiii.2005.07.26.2347.tar.bz2 Incl 1.5M Adding more code. None yet. None Yet.
WorldIII 0.1.5-0 worldiii.2005.07.09.2251.tar.bz2 Incl 1.5M Client works again. Client starting to receive and show messages from server. Cleaned up some bugs. None yet. None Yet.
WorldIII 0.1.4-0 worldiii.2005.01.23.2358.tar.bz2 Incl 1.4M Revalidated that console connects over network to server. None yet. None Yet.
WorldIII 0.1.3-0 worldiii.2004.05.01.1703.tar.bz2 Incl 1.3M More work on client. CTextWin added back to client. client.2004.05.01.1703 None Yet.
WorldIII 0.1.2-0 worldiii.2004.03.30.2343.tar.bz2 Incl 1.3M Comms and server partially rebuilt. Client starts and runs SDL / OpenGL. None Yet. None Yet.
WorldIII 0.1.1-0 worldiii.2003.05.16.1134.tar.bz2 1.0M Rebuilding comms and server, and client and going to more standards. No client yet Going to consider porting to using blender for modeler.

What do the version numbers mean ?
First = Major design changes, or total rewrite.
Second = Stable or development version inside the major design version.
Third = minor revisions or module rewrites, additional implementation of new modules.
Fourth = Build number.


To try out the code proceed as follows:
1) Download the the sources to your favorite testing directory.
  setenv WIIIHOME /home/eric/src/wiii
  mkdir /home/eric/src/wiii

2) Virus scan it. (You WERE going to do this weren't you ? (Yes I know it runs under Linux. You should still virus scan it !) :)

3) Use tar/bzip2 to uncompress them. OR you can just get the latest client binary (when they're available). Put in into your testing directory.
  bzip2 -c -d worldiii.2005.07.09.2251.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -

4) If you got the sources run make. The server, charclient, console and client will be made.
Or you could just do make client.
  make client

5) The charclient can connect to the server and send basic messages.
  To run:
  cd $WIIIHOME/charclient/debug
  ./charclient -h somewiiihost

6) The client will also be made. It goes graphical, and it does connect now. If you download the client binary, create a logs directory
next to the client binary. Also you need the textures that are in the sources. The make will copy them there for you.
  To run:
  cd $WIIIHOME/client/debug

7) The server can be run as follows:
  To run:
  cd $WIIIHOME/server/debug

8) The console can be run as follows:
  To run:
  cd $WIIIHOME/console/debug
  ./console -h somewiiiserverhost

Some of the login in stuff has been ported from the legacy code !
So some of the below stuff is not quite ready yet! But it will work this way soon !
To Login type: (Note: You must type the ']' (close square bracket) character. This tells the client you are entering a command.)

]connect       (It connects now!)
]login ekrejci test
]play 17
            (Select the id of the char you wish to play)
Now you can drive around.
(Press (CTRL)3 to set speed to 3,0=stop, 9=sprint) (Speed control doesn't work yet).

Right now you can :
- drive around in the client and look at the pretty textures :)
Soon you will be able to :
- Watch other people run around. :)
- login into the server and test communications.(See below)
- type in the scrolling text window (Chat works !)

Commands have now been cleaned up a little:
Implemented commands are:
- movement (left arrow, right, so on)
- look up and down, (pgup pgdn)
- altitude (insert, delete)
To be implemented commands are:
        (turns on logging(LARGE PERF HIT))
        (send a private message to another player)

To test the client on my server, please send an email to tell me to
be sure to leave server up.
The other commands are broke for a bit, but i am tired tonight :)
I will fix them tomorrow