Old Download

OLD Download Page
We will maintain the recent versions here. The latest will be listed first.
We will also post some selected client and modeler binaries.
Please see notes below on how to test.
Note: WorldII isnt even pre-alpha yet :)
Note Also: as of 0.1.13-9 we are offering the textures and source separately.
You only need to download the textures once, or whenever they're updated.

So here it is:
WorldII 0.1.14-6 worldii-src.2002.09.18.2115.tgz worldii-media.2002.09.18.2115.tgz 1.44 Fixed (partly) other movers. Need to smooth out their motion. client.2002.09.18.2115.exe modeler.2002.09.18.2115.exe
WorldII 0.1.14-5 worldii-src.2002.09.01.0105.tgz worldii-media.2002.09.01.0105.tgz 1.44 Fixed (partly) other movers. Need to smooth out their motion.
WorldII 0.1.14-4 worldii-src.2002.08.27.2322.tgz worldii-media.2002.08.27.2322.tgz 1.44 Smoothed out motion a bit but broke other movers :(
Will fix tomorrow i am going to bed now.
WorldII 0.1.14-3 worldii-src.2002.08.24.1657.tgz worldii-media.2002.08.24.1657.tgz 1.44 Fixed so that everyone sees new login chars. client.2002.08.24.1657.exe
WorldII 0.1.14-2 worldii-src.2002.08.22.0719.tgz worldii-media.2002.08.22.0719.tgz 1.44 IT WORKS !!!!! Kinda . . . . Avatars now run around on screen (at least for some players:) client.2002.08.22.0719.exe
WorldII 0.1.14-1 worldii-src.2002.08.11.2133.tgz worldii-media.2002.08.11.2133.tgz 1.44 Submodels now work, modeler compiles & runs too. Updated media files.
WorldII 0.1.14-0 worldii-src.2002.08.07.2224.tgz worldii-media.2002.08.07.2224.tgz 1.37M Rewrite kinda done. Client compiles and starts and loads and renders again.
Submodels dont work though.
WorldII 0.1.13-9 worldii-src.2002.07.04.2128.tgz worldii-media.2002.07.04.2126.tgz 1.37M Realized that previous CWorld model was hopeless. Started rewrite.
WorldII 0.1.13-8 worldii.2002.06.18.2341.tgz 1.37M Working on showing player characters on screen. client.2002.06.18.2341.exe modeler.2002.06.18.2341.exe
WorldII 0.1.13-7 worldii.2002.06.17.2200.tgz 1.37M Got cursors working (they need more polish). Fixed server crashing bug. client.2002.06.17.2200.exe
WorldII 0.1.13-6 worldii.2002.06.06.0048.tgz 1.37M Working on server and cursors. This is to support avatars on screen.
WorldII 0.1.13-5 worldii.2002.05.24.0032.tgz 1.35M More work on modeler. File Open and Close starting to work. Plus an avatar model. modeler.2002.05.24.0032.exe
WorldII 0.1.13-4 worldii.2002.05.01.2335.tgz 1.35M Now tree view starts to load. Expanding CModel Class to allow editing of model. client.2002.05.01.2335.exe modeler.2002.05.01.2335.exe
WorldII 0.1.13-3 worldii.2002.03.17.0128.tgz 1.35M Got render child window to work, and treeview to work in modeler. modeler.2002.03.17.0128.exe
WorldII 0.1.13-2 worldii.2002.03.12.0712.tgz 1.35M Adding dialogs to modeler to start inputting data and creating models. client.2002.03.12.0712.exe modeler.2002.03.12.0712.exe
WorldII 0.1.13-1 worldii.2002.03.02.1521.tgz 1.35M Got a start to the modeler that works.

What do the version numbers mean ?
First = Major design changes, or total rewrite.
Second = Stable or development version inside the major design version.
Third = minor revisions or module rewrites, additional implementation of new modules.
Fourth = Build number.

To try out the client binary proceed as follows:
1) Download the client program to your favorite testing directory.
2) Virus scan it. (You WERE going to do this weren't you ? :)
3) Download the textures to the same directory, and use winzip to uncompress them.
4) Move all the files (textures and models) from the object-defs directory into the same dir as the client program.
5) Add the following entry in your hosts file:
(either c:\windows\hosts or c:\winnt\system32\idrivers\etc\hosts)  worldii worldii.viagloria.com 

OR make sure that your DNS works, IE if you can get to this website by
typing in the web address, it probably works.
6) Create a client.ini in the same dir as the client, with the path for the home directory.
If you installed in D:\worldii\bin the entry would look like
7) Start the client.

To Login type: (Note: You must type the ']' (close square bracket) character. This tells the client you are entering a command.)

]connect worldii.viagloria.com 4000
]login ekrejci test
]play 17
            (Select the id of the char you wish to play)
Now you can drive around.
(Press (CTRL)3 to set speed to 3,0=stop, 9=sprint)

Right now you can :
- watch the flying Boids (this is based on an MS example).
- drive around in the client and look at the pretty textures :)
- Watch other people run around. :)
- login into the server and test communications.(See below)
- type in the scrolling text window (Chat works !)

Commands have now been cleaned up a little:
Implemented commands are:
        (turns on logging(LARGE PERF HIT))
        (send a private message to another player)
- movement (left arrow, right, so on)
- look up and down, (pgup pgdn)
- altitude (insert, delete)

To test the client on my server, please send an email to tell me to
be sure to leave server up.
The other commands are broke for a bit, but i am tired tonight :)
I will fix them tomorrow